anatomy and physiology

Anatomy and Physiology

Duration: Six day in-house course  Price: £600.00 inc. VAT

The Anatomy and Physiology course is a core unit for all courses and is IAM, IFPA and ITEC accredited.

The 3 modules add up to 6 days total in-house and the final award is accredited and insured by
several different accrediting bodies. Course costs are £100 per day (£600 for the whole course).

The days are taught at Winchester School of Aromatherapy in 2-day blocks and usually run over weekends. This course is presented as a rolling programme, enabling the student to start at any point.

The Anatomy and Physiology programme includes:

Human Body, Chemistry of Life, Cells & Tissues

The Skin and the Muscles

The Skeletal System and Digestive System

The Urinary and the Nervous System

The Endocrine and the Cardiovascular System

The Respiratory and the Reproductive System

The Lymph and Immune System

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