Body Massage Diploma

Aromatherapeutic Body Massage Diploma

Duration: Five day in-house course 
Price: £500.00

Therapeutic and Swedish Massage Skills – certified by the FHT and Penny Price Academy. This course is a core unit for any further massage courses such as Sports Massage/Advanced Massage, Lymph Drainage etc.

The minimum period for the completion of this course is 3 months including coursework. Comprehensive course notes and handouts are given out for the techniques taught. Treatment couches, carrier oils, and other products used during the course are provided. Textbooks, accommodation and food are not included in the fees.

On this course, students will learn client assessment, posture, practitioner skills, benefits of massage and practical massage skills. The movements taught are based on the traditional Swedish massage routine and the whole body massage is taught in detail. Students will be taught massage skills to a clinical level to enable the student to offer massage for a variety of problem areas. Assessment skills are developed as are listening skills and case taking.

To secure the practical and theoretical skills learned during the course, homework may be given to assist the students during the evenings of the course.

PRE-REQUISITE – Anatomy & Physiology required

NB. Students have the opportunity to study more massage courses after this unit such as Baby Massage, Indian Head Massage or Lymphatic Drainage.

The FHT and Penny Price Academy certificates are assessed by 30 hours of case studies and continuous assessment.

student assessment

It will be necessary to complete three case studies after the course in order to gain a certificate.

2½ hour written examination

2½ hour practical assessment

30 hours of case studies

Continuous assessment


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