The Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma Course consists of five in–house modules. Four are of 5 days each and the fifth module is 4 days, plus home study and practice relevant to each module. In addition a qualification in anatomy and physiology is required (there may be exemption from the A&P modules if the student already holds a relevant qualification). A First Aid certificate is also required by the end of the course and is included in Module 5.


The minimum period for the completion of the Clinical Aromatherapy Diploma Course is 12 months: the time usually taken is 18–24 months. The maximum time recommended for completion is 48 months. To secure the practical and theoretical skills learned during the day, homework may be given to assist the students during the evenings of the course.


Comprehensive course notes and handouts are given out for each module. Treatment couches, towels, essential oils, carrier oils, and other aromatherapy products used during the course are provided. Textbooks, accommodation and food are not included in the fees.


DCA Module 1

Price: £600.00

• Aromatherapy massage, its principles and benefits

• The properties and effects of 12 of the most popular essential oils

• Methods of extraction, storage and blending and the use of carrier oils

• History of aromatherapy and massage together with the philosophy of holistic healing

• Introduction to botany, plant cell function and photosynthesis


Attendance on the foundation module is enough for those who wish only to use essential oils safely
at home, to help their family and to enhance their own life.



10 case studies and 5 essays should be completed before Module 2.


DCA Module 2

Price: £600.00

• Comprehensive appreciation of body analysis for assessment of clients

• Selecting and blending essential oils for a personal treatment plan

• Choosing appropriate oils, creams and lotions for the aromatherapy treatment of specific ailments and conditions

• Extended massage principles are demonstrated and practiced thoroughly

• Introduction to plant families and therapeutic and physical properties of essential oils and their pharmacological effects on the body

• Properties and effects of 15 essential oils are studied

• Introduction to hydrolats

• Hygiene, health and safety and professional practice management



15 case studies and 5 essays should be completed before Module 3.


DCA Module 3

Price: £600.00

• Specific techniques in massage including foot reflex massage.

• Information on plant families and essential oils is expanded

• Organic chemistry and essential oil components awareness

• Toxicity, essential oil purity and safety

• 15 carrier oils are discussed in depth

• Allergy and substance sensitivity

• The properties and effects of 15 essential oils are studied



10 case studies and 5 essays should be completed before Module 4.


DCA Module 4

Price: £600.00

• Differences between plant medicine and orthodox medicine

• Comprehensive study of common ailments, including those arising from care for the elderly,      pregnancy and paediatrics, depression, special needs and massage with cancer patients

• Olfaction and its psychosomatic effects

• The properties and effects of 12 essential oils are studied

• Techniques of neck and shoulder massage and relaxation are included in this module



5 case studies and written homework should be completed before Module 5.


DCA Module 5

Price: £400.00

• Rudiments of business and management procedure are taught and cover some of the aspects of starting up and running a successful clinic including the client/therapist relationship. The exam is on the final day, both practical and theory. Successful students will be entitled to wear academic dress appropriate to this level and append the letters DCA to their name.



The course is assessed by:

• 2½ hour written examination

• 2½ hour practical assessment

• Two hundred hours of case studies

• Continuous assessment by homework and classwork



Marking, correspondence with tutors, issue of certificate and your fully comprehensive course notes are included in the cost. Exclusive kit offers and discounts are available to all students once enrolled.

We have the best professional tutors for all our accredited courses who will fully support you during your course and beyond.



The DCA can be
offered on a one-to-one basis at a mutually convenient time.

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