Aromatherapy for Headaches and MigraineS

Duration: One day Price: £100.00

It is estimated that 15% of the UK population suffer from headaches or migraines. This one day course looks at the definition and differences between the two conditions, triggers such as stress, hormones and diet, plus different client groups and how to treat them.

We will consider the range of essential oils and the various treatments to deal with headaches and migraines and also will look at the benefits of using hydrolats. Finally you will be shown some pressure point therapy and you will be able to practice a seated neck, shoulder and head massage to give effective relief to headache and migraine sufferers.


Aromatherapy for Pain Management

Duration: One day Price: £100.00

In today’s society, pain is one of the most debilitating conditions to suffer from whether it is due to an injury or an illness such as Fibromyalgia or chronic ailment. This course explores how aromatherapy and essential oils can affect the way we experience and control pain. In-depth and invaluable for those working with people in pain, the course explores different essential oil blends and application techniques which have been used in hospital settings with the approval of medical consultants.

We will look at different types of pain, the most efficient essential oils to help pain, chemical blending for a more effective blend, carrier oils and useful massage techniques. Various application techniques are explored during this informative and practical day with an opportunity to discuss and share your own experience as a therapist.


Arthritis, Joints and Aromatherapy

Duration: One day Price: £100.00

A one-day course designed to help the therapist deal with some of the common conditions affecting elderly clients. We will be looking at gout, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, medications that may have been prescribed, diet and other lifestyle issues that can affect these conditions. We examine how aromatherapy can help by looking at the presenting symptoms of the clients and then how to select appropriate essential and carrier oils.

Methods and mediums of application are explored and there will be an opportunity to blend oils for specific cases. There will also be an opportunity to discuss and share your own experiences as therapists.


cancer care and Aromatherapy

Duration: One day Price: £100.00

A course teaching the pathology of different cancers, the care of clients and how essential oils can be used in the clinic and at home to alleviate presenting symptoms.

Contra-indications will be explored. The course also looks at different essential oil blends and application techniques that have been used in hospital and hospice settings with the approval of medical consultants and practical guidelines are given.


Hormones, Menopause and essential oils

Duration: One day Price: £100.00

This one day course will help to identify how certain essential oils can bring about balance to the body by supporting the hormonal system. Individual molecules will be explored that can be used daily to treat common problems such as PMS, stress, thyroid deficiency and much more.

We will be looking at appropriate essential oils, carriers, hydrolats, skincare and relaxation techniques to deal with a variety of hormonal problems but especially PMS and the menopause. There will also be an opportunity to discuss and share your own experiences as therapists.



Duration: Two days Price: £200.00

An Aromaflexology treatment that combines Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

Aromatherapy is the art of using aromas to bring about a balancing, health-inducing state to the individual – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  The word ‘aroma’ simply means smell.  The word ‘therapy’, means a treatment designed to cure.

Reflexology is a complementary therapy in which the reflex points on the feet are stimulated to bring about relaxation in corresponding parts of the body. As the feet represent a map of the body, all the organs, glands and other body parts are laid out in a similar arrangement on the feet.

The combination of these two therapies is a very powerful method for treating your client.

The course introduces basic reflex points on the feet in order to help with client analysis and assessment. A full reflex massage is also taught. Developed originally by Shirley Price, this excellent treatment is invaluable for the bed-bound and inactive; also used for the elderly, infirm, pregnant and arthritic, and many more client groups.

This practical course is suitable for therapists qualified in either of the two disciplines with a working knowledge of the other.



Duration: One day Price: £120.00

Determine which essential oils are best suited to the frail and elderly, and which methods of use are the most effective in cases of common ailments. A number of common ailments including incontinence, chest infection, leg ulcers and senility are covered in detail and also the treatment plans and applications for each ailment in the light of individuality.





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